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Buses Semarang Airport with Bus Routes and Times

A bus rapid transit (BRT) operator named Trans Semarang has begun providing service to Semarang Airport. Although there was only one route that passed through the airport, all of the many routes that were accessible were connected to one another. If there isn't a traffic bottleneck, the time gap between buses should be between 15 and 30 minutes.

The Airport Corridor route runs between Semarang Airport and Simpang Lima.

BRT Fare:

  • General = Rp. 3,500
  • Students, Students, and children under 6 years old) = Rp. 1,000

Semarang BRT Routes:

  • Corridor I: Terminal Mangkang - Pemuda - Terminal Penggaron
  • Corridor II: Terminal Sisemut - Pemuda - Terminal Terboyo
  • Corridor III: Tanjung Emas Port - Police Academy - Elizabeth
  • Corridor IV: Cups Terminal - Imam Bonjol Udinus - Tawang Station
  • Corridor V: Meteseh - Simpang Lima - Jenderal Ahmad Yani Airport - PRPP
  • Airport Corridor: Semarang Airport - Simpang Lima
  • Corridor VI: Undip Tembalang - Elizabeth - Unnes Sekaran
  • Corridor VII : Terminal Terboyo - Woltermonginsidi - Soekarno Hatta - Pemuda