Semarang Airport Parking

Parking services at Semarang Airport in Indonesia are provided by several companies that offer a variety of services and rates. The airport has long-term and short-term parking lots near the arrivals and departures areas.

Long-term parking is located on the airport's second level and offers discounts for those who book early or stay longer than two days. Rates begin at 6,000 rupiahs per hour. Short-term parking is also available at Semarang Airport in designated areas near each terminal.

These spots are ideal for quick pick-ups or drop-offs but can be more expensive depending on how long one will park their vehicle there.

Note: All rates quoted below are subject to change or adjustment without advance notice.





Opposite the Semarang Airport Terminal Building

Opposite Semarang Airport Terminal Building

Type of Parking

Parking Lot

Parking building and outside area (open)


2,400 square meters

44,000 square meters


more than 720 spaces 

more than 1,300 cars and about 20 buses

Semarang Airport Parking

Address: PT Angkasa Pura I Kota Baru Bandar Kemayoran Blok B12 Kav.2

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta - Indonesia

Phone: +62 24 8600060


Disabled Parking at Semarang Airport

Accessible parking at Semarang Airport is limited but still available. Disabled travelers can access designated accessible parking spots located near the entrance of the arrivals and departures halls. Drivers are required to display a valid disabled parking permit to use these spaces.

For those without a permit, there is also an area for “accessibility unloading” that allows drivers to pull up briefly to assist their passengers with getting out of their vehicles and loading any luggage before continuing. All areas for accessibility unloading are clearly marked and easily identifiable from the roads leading into Semarang Airport.

Parking Rates at Semarang Airport


Entry Rate 

Progressive Rates


IDR 4,000

IDR 2,000/hour

R4 (Sedan, Jeep, Pick-up)

IDR 8,000

IDR 6,000/hour

R4 (Minibus and vehicles less than 2 tons)

IDR 8,000

IDR 6,000/hour

R6 (Buses, trucks and the like)

IDR 12,000

IDR 6,000/hour

Form of Payments at Semarang Airport

All payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and debit cards, are accepted at these facilities, making it easy to find a convenient way to park.

Parking Tips at Semarang Airport

The airport has two main lots close to each terminal, one for short-term parking and one for long-term parking. Both lots provide 24/7 security surveillance, but the long-term lot also offers valet services.

When choosing between the two options, you must consider how much time you will be away from Semarang Airport to ensure you get the best rate. Short-term parkers should only reserve up to four days of parking. At the same time, those staying longer can benefit from discounted rates when they book online ahead of time.

Additionally, there is an option for intermodal travelers who need more than seven days of parking with access to both terminals. Finally, be aware that some areas may have additional fees, such as toll roads or taxes, so check with your provider before booking any service at Semarang Airport.

Map of Car Parks at Semarang Airport