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Semarang Airport - All Information on Semarang Airport (SRG)

Semarang Airport (SRG) Semarang Airport (SRG)

Semarang Airport

Semarang Barat, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50149, Indonesia
+62 24 86000600
+62 24 86000600 (Lost + Found)
Semarang Airport - All Information on Semarang Airport (SRG)

The airport serving Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, is Jenderal Ahmad Yani International Airport (IATA code: SRG). Ahmad Yani, an Indonesian national hero, was honored with the naming the airport in his name. The airport's rapid expansion makes it a global frontrunner regarding growth rates. PT Angkasa Pura I, a state enterprise under the Indonesian Ministry of Transport, is in charge of the airport and other airports in the country's east.

Even though it remains an airbase for the Indonesian Army, Semarang Airport opened to domestic and commercial flights in 1966 after previously serving as a military airbase. Kalibanteng is a common name for the region. As a result, the locals started referring to it as Kalibanteng Airbase.

Arrivals, Departures and Airlines at Semarang Airport

Transfer Services at Semarang Airport

Accessing other parts of Semarang is simple, thanks to the airport's convenient proximity to various ground transportation choices. Travelers can take shuttles and public buses to their hotels from the airport.

Taxis are available outside the terminal building and inside the terminal at prearranged locations. In addition, several car rental agencies in the area may cater to tourists from abroad, allowing them to either lease a car privately or pick one up at the location.

Motorcycle taxis are a quick and convenient option for passengers at Semarang Airport who prefer to avoid renting a car. They also increase the likelihood of accidents due to their size and speed.

Last but not least, several hotels near Semarang Airport offer free shuttle buses that run between the hotel and the airport terminal buildings, making them an excellent option for frugal tourists who want easy access to Semarang's sights without spending a fortune on transportation.

Car Rental Services at Semarang Airport

Visitors and business people can significantly benefit from the availability of car rental services at Indonesia's Semarang Airport. Rental cars at the airport span the gamut from sporty convertibles to spacious minivans and budget-friendly sedans. The Arrival Hall of Semarang Airport, close to Baggage Claim, is where you'll find counters for all the leading international car rental agencies.

Renting a car at Semarang Airport is simple; renters need to show their driver's license and a credit card when they pick up or drop off their vehicle. Vehicle selection, rental duration, and other considerations (such as mileage limitations and mandatory insurance) all affect the car's final cost. A wide variety of vehicles are available for rent at Semarang Airport, so you may find one that suits your demands.

In our car rental section, look at the rates of all the companies we work with and choose the best suits your needs.

Taxi Services at Semarang Airport

At Indonesia's Semarang Airport, taxis stand by to transport departing guests to their hotels or other destinations. Visitors to Semarang may easily hail taxis like these, which cost the equivalent of 50,000 rupiahs and offer a reliable, cheap, and quick way around the city.

Taxis from the airport are the best option because the drivers treat you like family the whole way to your hotel or other destination and return. Moreover, compared to the costs of other forms of urban transportation, their rates are incredibly competitive. See more information about taxis at Semarang Airport.

Train Services at Semarang Airport

It is not possible to take the rail to this airport. Passengers visiting Semarang Airport in Indonesia are advised to look into alternate means of transportation to avoid extended wait times.

Near the exit, you can find cabs and car rental booths. Travelers can arrange for a taxi to pick them up, or they can rent a car in advance.

Visitors searching for an inexpensive method to move about Semarang can hop on the public bus system or the fast transit bus after touching down at the airport.

However, they may be slow and tricky to navigate due to heavy traffic. These buses have a minimum fare of only 3,500 rupiahs and serve various regional routes. More information about train services near Semarang Airport.

Bus Services at Semarang Airport

Trans Semarang, a BRT company, has started running routes to Semarang International Airport. Even though there was only one route that went through the airport, every single route that was possible was linked to every other route that was possible.

If there is no traffic jam, there should be about a 15- to the 30-minute interval between buses. The Airport Corridor connects Semarang's airport with the city of Simpang Lima. The starting fare is 3,500 Rupiahs. More information about buses to and from Semarang Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Semarang Airport

Hotel shuttles near Semarang Airport in Indonesia are a quick and easy way to go throughout the city. They offer convenient and inexpensive airport shuttle service and tours of the area. Commuters can choose from various vehicles, including luxury sedans, SUVs, minivans, buses, and motorcyclists.

Shuttle passengers can travel worry-free because all shuttles are covered by liability insurance. Take advantage of the shuttle service's stylish transportation and insightful tour guides to see the best of what Semarang has to offer.

Please visit our hotel page to find out if your accommodation offers this.

Rideshare Services at Semarang Airport

It's easy to get around Semarang, Indonesia, by sharing a taxi from the airport. Instead of hailing a cab, you can use them because they are more convenient and cost-effective. Passengers whose flights have landed or are about to depart can get rides either by prearranging them through the apps or by hailing vehicles waiting outside the airport.

Depending on the specifics of the service, you could spend anywhere between 25,000 and 100,000 rupiahs (depending on the distance traveled). Passengers can save time and money by using these services instead of hailing a typical taxi, which may take a while to arrive owing to traffic congestion in the city.

Parking Services at Semarang Airport

Both short-term and long-term parking is available at the airport, with the main lots conveniently adjacent to each terminal. Though security cameras are present at both the short- and long-term lots, valet services are only available at the latter.

Consider how long you will be gone from Semarang Airport while making your decision so you can save the most money. Parking reservations should be for up to four days for short-term parkers. Individuals planning and booking accommodations online might save money during their extended stays.

Please view our parking page for additional information about the facility.

Other Services at Semarang Airport

Additionally, travelers can take advantage of duty-free shopping, a bank, foreign currency exchange, car rental services, a post office, and more at Indonesia's Semarang Airport.

A great variety of restaurants and cafes serve regional specialties and international fare at the airport. In addition, there are several bars and lounges where you can relax with a drink after a tiring flight.

Along with these conveniences, travelers can access free Wi-Fi throughout the airport. Simultaneously, they are in a holding pattern, awaiting their flight or in a transit area. Lastly, the airport is entirely wheelchair accessible, so everyone can easily use the facilities.

Disabled Passengers at Semarang Airport

The needs of passengers using wheelchairs have been carefully considered in the planning of this airport. Several amenities are available to passengers with mobility issues, such as accessible restrooms and elevators, throughout the airport's terminal.

When needed, the entire airport can accommodate wheelchairs. Simultaneously, ramps are available at airport security checkpoints and at the entrances to the aircraft. Disabled patrons can also access reserved parking spots and seating options in the terminal's waiting areas.

An extensive guide for disabled passengers is also available at Semarang Airport, detailing the various services available and providing helpful resources for those in need of additional guidance. This service hopes that all passengers using Semarang Airport will have a pleasant and trouble-free experience.

Wi-Fi at Semarang Airport

Guests can use the hotel's internet connection to connect to the web during their stay. Passengers can check email and update their social media while waiting for their flight, thanks to the airport's free, unlimited Wi-Fi service.

Hotspots are conveniently placed at various points in the terminal, including the boarding and arrival areas. Travelers can use this no-cost service to quickly and easily look up things like their flight status or recommendations for things to do in the area around Semarang Airport.

Baggage Claim at Semarang Airport

Each terminal has its own baggage claim area and carousel for domestic and international travelers. Your checked bags will be waiting for you at the designated Baggage Claim area once your flight has landed.

The Arrivals lobby also serves as the Baggage Claim area. In addition, all of the terminals at Semarang Airport are equipped with conveyor belts to speed the delivery of your baggage to its designated pickup area.

Staff members are available around-the-clock to help passengers who have yet to receive information about their bag's whereabouts or arrival time.

Information Desk at Semarang Airport

Passengers can pose various questions to the staff, including those related to the airport, flight times, and more. The staff at the airport’s information desk is helpful and well-versed in answering various questions.

They can find out information like gate numbers or seat assignments for specific flights, give tips on online check-in, or point passengers in the direction of their airline's offices within the airport.

In addition, they help passengers acquire domestic flight tickets, make international flight reservations, and learn about the airport's general services and amenities. These amenities at Indonesia's Semarang Airport guarantee a stress-free trip for any and all passengers.

Smoking at Semarang Airport

There are specific areas outside where people can smoke. Smoking is prohibited in all other areas of the building. Suppose you want to light up during your layover in Semarang. In that case, you'll need to comply with the airport's rules and regulations and those of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transportation.

Travelers who wish to light up a cigarette or cigar in an outdoor setting away from the terminals and the prying ears of airport workers can do so in specially designated areas.

In addition, ashtrays are provided for the tidy disposal of cigarette ends and ash. To ensure that all passengers at Semarang Airport are comfortable, those who do not disrespect signs must designate non-smoking zones.

Lost and Found Section at Semarang Airport

As a service to passengers who may have misplaced items during their travels, the airport has maintained a lost and found for several years. If you lost something at Semarang Airport, please look in the lost and found before contacting airport personnel.

Restrooms at Semarang Airport

The restrooms are always spotless and fully stocked with paper products and other necessities. They have everything you need, from toilet paper and soap to hand towels and running water. Travelers of all shapes and sizes will have plenty of room to use the facilities. In addition, they've been crafted with ventilation in mind, so you won't feel claustrophobic when wearing them.

Each bathroom has plenty of light so passengers can get changed and ready for their flight. The clean and modern restrooms at Semarang Airport are just one more way that the airport exceeds the expectations of its passengers.

Nursing Mothers Station at Semarang Airport

For breastfeeding mothers, Semarang Airport has a dedicated space called the Nursing Mothers Station. Nursing mothers can pump their milk in peace at this station in the International Departure Terminal thanks to the comfortable seating, privacy screens, and electrical outlets provided. There is a sink with running water and a changing table for mothers to clean baby clothes and bottles.

The station is open around the clock and is a secure place for nursing mothers to tend to their infants. There's a nurse on staff who can help any new mom struggling to care for her child, whether with breast milk or formula.

ATMs at Semarang Airport

This service provides a hassle-free and speedy means of obtaining cash. Automated teller machines can be used for various financial transactions. Your transaction will be processed automatically once your ATM card is inserted into the machine and you follow the on-screen instructions.

Getting cash out at Semarang Airport is simple because most ATMs accept foreign cards. All people will have no trouble using ATMs because of the many language options available. Moreover, you never face any glitches or other technical problems. Assuming this is the case, nearby employees will be happy to help you get back to work as soon as possible.

Currency Exchange at Semarang Airport

The terminal features currency exchange counters. Semarang Airport facilitates currency exchange in various international currencies in addition to the Indonesian Rupiah, including the US Dollar, the Euro, and many others.

The Japanese yen, the Australian dollar, and the British pound are significant currencies that receive favorable exchange rates at most exchange bureaus. Additionally, ATMs are available in both terminals for those who would like to withdraw or transfer large sums of money internationally.

Food and Beverages at Semarang Airport

Several dining options are available at Semarang Airport, from sit-down restaurants to quick-service eateries. You have many options if you're hungry before your flight or need something more substantial. The terminal has snack bars where passengers can purchase quick meals like chips and candy.

Noodle bars offer cheap, filling Indonesian food for those who need more sustenance. Delicious burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and other American fare are available to customers worldwide at this restaurant.

There are several cafes in the airport where passengers can relax with a hot beverage and use the free Wi-Fi to catch up on correspondence or read a book.

Shopping at Semarang Airport

You can get some great souvenirs and gifts for people back home at the airport shops in Semarang. Handmade arts and crafts, jewelry, bags, and clothing made from local fabrics can all be found in these stores, each offering something truly special to the people of Semarang.

Because of its central location, the airport usually charges more than other parts of the city for the same goods and services. Still, there's a lot to see, so it's a good use of time. This shopping center also offers the benefit of fewer shoppers compared to the area's standard marketplaces.

Credit cards are accepted at most retailers, making it convenient to buy something unique.

Pet Relief at Semarang Airport

Thanks to pet relief, you can get your pet checked in and on the plane in no time. There are particular pet relief areas at the airport for your pet to use the restroom. Your pet can stretch out and play in the sand or grass while waiting.

Water bowls are also provided so your pet can stay hydrated while waiting for their flight. Semarang Airport ensures that all passengers traveling with pets have a pleasant experience by providing these services.

Ticketing Services at Semarang Airport

You can buy tickets in person or on the website. Passengers can buy tickets directly from the airport's website thanks to online ticketing services. Choose your flight, fill out the required fields, and pay with a credit card or other payment method accepted by the airline. Semarang Airport also has a ticket counter where you can purchase your flight in person. A customer service agent based at the airport can sell tickets directly to passengers.

Passengers checking in for flights departing from Semarang are required, for security purposes, to present a government-issued photo identification card (such as a passport or driver's license). Passengers should arrive at the terminal an hour before their scheduled departure to avoid delays. As a result, they have plenty of time to check in and go through security before their flight.

History of Semarang Airport

Before becoming an international airport, Ahmad Yani served as an Indonesian military airbase. After a joint decree from the Air Force Chief of Staff, the Minister of Transportation, and the Army Chief of Staff, in 1966, the airport opened to commercial flights.

PT Angkasa Pura, I took over management in 1995. At this point, the airport has been operating exclusively for commercial purposes. Initially, the runway length was increased so that larger planes could land more safely in 2004.

The airport officially became an international hub when the first flight departed from Semarang for Singapore in 2004.

About Semarang, Indonesia

Semarang is the largest city in the Indonesian province of Central Java and its capital. It served as an important port during the Dutch colonial period and continues to play that role today as a significant regional hub and port. As per the ASEAN Clean Tourist City Standard for 2020–2022, the city has been designated Southeast Asia's cleanest tourist destination.

Its total area is 373.78 square kilometers. At 1,653,524 people, it is one of the most populated cities in Indonesia in the upcoming census. As of 2020, the population of the Kedungsepur metropolitan area, including Semarang, was well over 6 million. Most of the city's residents are of Javanese descent, though a sizable Chinese community is also there.

Weather in Semarang, Indonesia

Semarang has a hot, humid, and cloudy climate. We rarely see temperatures below 72 degrees or above 96 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, with an average high of 75 degrees and a low of 92. From the middle of June until the end of September, you should plan a trip to Semarang to take advantage of the city's many hot-weather attractions.

From October to April, there is a six-month period known as the wetter season, with the wettest days typically falling in January (an average of 21 days). Six months, from April to October, are dry, with the driest days on average occurring in August.

Useful Contact Details in Semarang, Indonesia

Call 112 for immediate assistance from the police in case of an emergency. If immediate medical attention is required, the number to call is 112.

Indonesia National Emergency Numbers: 112

When dialing either number, it's crucial to be as specific as possible about your location and the nature of the emergency (if applicable). Tourists in Semarang should also register with their respective embassies or consulates to receive up-to-date safety information.

Hospitals in Semarang, Indonesia

RSUP Dr. Kariadi

Address: Jl. Dr. Sutomo No. 16 Semarang Central Java - Indonesia 50244

Phone: +62 24 8413476


Police Stations in Semarang, Indonesia

Polrestabes Semarang

Address: Polrestabes Semarang, Jl. DR. Sutomo No.19, Barusari, Kec. Semarang Sel., Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50245, Indonesia

Phone: +62 24 8444444

Semarang Airport Contacts

Address: Semarang Barat, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50149, Indonesia

General Phone: +62 24 86000600

Lost and Found Phone: +62 24 86000600

Information Desk Phone: +62 24 86000600

Official Website:

Local Information

Drive on: Left

Electricity: 230V/50 Hz

Plug: C, F

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah, IDR, rupiah

Wi-Fi at Airport: Free Wi-Fi is available at Semarang Airport.

Services at Semarang Airport

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